YT Ford Clev. Platinum single shaft 1.73 Roller Rockers

Price: $ 1332.99


The Platinum single shaft rocker system has been designed by Yella Terra to bring affordable shaft rocker technology to canted valve engines such as the Ford Cleveland and Big Block Chevrolet. The unique single shaft concept eliminates the problem of unsupported rocker weight in stud type systems without the need for stud girdles and guide plates. This design provides all the strength and rigidity of other expensive shaft
systems, which still rely on one only 7/16” bolt to retain the rocker arm: the same single bolt mount used by Yella Terra!
Rocker misalignment and rotation common on single stud rockers is eliminated by the brilliantly simple installation procedure which incorporates dowel pins under each mount to keep rockers perfectly aligned with the valves under all operating conditions.
In many race classes shaft systems are banned. The single 7/16” hi-tensile through bolt mount meets the requirements of a single mounting yet still provides all the benefits of shaft systems.