We are now finally offering "Dyno Proven" Pavtek Top End Kits that take all the guess work out of making power and having fun with your street car, boat or racecar !

Whilst we have been providing Dyno Proven V8 complete engine packages for well over two decades we have seen the need to help the DIY customer who wants to assembled his own engine get the results he deserves without all the stress and heart ache of trying to piece all the matching components together.

Whilst we have been asked for this service for years we have finally taken the time to create a list of Top End Kits that will help you get Dyno Proven results. It's never been easier !!


Pavtek Top End Kits Normally Consist of (Parts):

Assembled Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Head Bolts Or Studs

Intake Manifold & Bolts

Cam & Lifters

Rockers & Rocker Studs

Pushrods & Guideplates

Intake Manifold & Head Gaskets

Carburettor Spacer

( Please confirm on your specific application for all the components that are included- Kits do vary )

Simply click on your engine group below and choose a package that suits your application.