YT Holden V8, Std weight Flyhweel

Price: $ 384.98


YT-9903 Yella Terra Holden V8 Std Weight. 13.0kg/28.6lbs.(standard factory weight)  steel flywheel drilled to suit 9 1/2", 10", and 10 1/2" clutches.

Complete with ring gear 153teeth

Yella Terra Explosion proof flywheels

Most OEM stock flywheels are heavy cast iron parts designed for optimum road driveability. Although this may be important for everyday road cars, this driveability comes at the expense of engine response and acceleration and is not suited to performance or race vehicles. These cast iron flywheels are also prone to catastrophic failure under extreme conditions and so for safety reasons only approved billet flywheels are now required equipment in most motorsport applications.

Yella Terra designs and manufactures a large range of high performance quality billet flywheels for the street and race track. The Yella Terra flywheels are precision CNC machined from a solid steel billet and fitted with an OEM quality ring gear. They are available in a choice of standard and lightweight models. Some popular applications are also available in the new ultra lightweight reduced peripheral mass (RPM) designs that are effectively as light as alloy but with the strength of steel.

All Yella Terra Flywheels are SFI approved, making them safe to be used in motorsport applications and are in accordance with the specifications set out by the SFI racing sanctioning bodies.


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