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Pavtek performs many in-house engine machining services with a large range

of the best equipment available to ensure that your engine package is of the highest

standards for both reliability & power.





We have a huge range of parts and accessories including a comprehensive range of hose,

fittings and billet products from our warehouse. Our range is not limited to engine components.

If you don't see what you need in our web store, most items only take a day to arrive

from our warehouse.




Conrod Machining

All conrod machining is performed on our Sunnen equipment.  Every rod is measured

for size, taper, ovality, bend & twist. Even if we are supplying new aftermarket rods in

an engine package, we measure every conrod and re-machine if required,

we leave nothing to chance.



Block Miling

Even if a block is new, we re-machine it to achieve the desired deck height and

more importantly to make sure the surface is flat for the best gasket seal.



Line Honing

For every engine package we supply we measure every main & CAM tunnel for size.

If they are not within OUR standards we line hone the block in-house. Line honing ensures

the main tunnels are perfectly on size, round and aligned. Line honing also gives the best

finish and contact area, allowing heat from the main bearings to be transferred into the

block, eliminating the possibility of spinning main bearings.



Cam Measuring

We have our own in house camshaft analysis equipment to confirm that our

cams are to our specs.



Computer Balancing

Our in-house computerized PRO-BAL balancing equipment makes balancing engines that

are driven daily or race engines that are revved to 10,000+ rpm easy and dead accurate.



5 Axis Simultaneous CNC Porting

We have our own in-house Flow Bench, 5 Axis CNC Porting & Digitizing equipment that 

enables us to ensure that every engine and cylinder head package performs like it should.

We also still perform some hand porting of stubborn areas if needed.

We Port for best POWER ! - Not Flow Bench numbers. Please CLICK HERE for more info.



Billet Top Fuel Cylinder Head

We also use our CNC machining centers to manufacture components as small as a

distributor clamp to components as complex as a 8000 HP Top Fuel Billet cylinder head.

Completely In-house!




Engine Room

Every engine is assembled in our clean Engine Assembly Room by experienced personal

who have racing experience and know the importance of getting the job done right the first time.

Not by a group of people who dont take pride in the final product.



Dyno Room

Our engine packages are pieced together using the latest in engine design software, 20 + years

of flow bench, dyno testing and racing experience.  Our in-house 2000HP computerized engine

dyno confirms the final power figures prior to a new package being released to the public.

All of our engine packages are also available run in and fine tuned for optimum results.


Engines In Stock

We make every effort to keep our popular engine packages in stock for your convenience